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Your Special Day

Weddings are a very beautiful and amazing event. We believe your wedding should be as effortless and stress free as possible. We make the tuxedo ordering process for the groom’s wedding party a smooth and pain free affair. No detail is left untouched. Our tuxedo collection assures you that the groom will look his best. We do not rent tuxedos. The groom’s tuxedo will be custom fitted specifically to him. We only have one purpose and that is to make certain the groom is an excellent complement to his new bride. We want her to be wowed with how her man looks.

Tuxedo Ordering Process

  1. Private consultation to understand your specific wants and needs. We pride ourselves on getting the details right. We make sure the tuxedo selection is perfect and the Bride-to-be is absolutely 100 percent satisfied.

  2. Our tailors will take precise body measurements to insure the highest quality fitting tuxedo.

  3. We take care of the groomsmen tuxedo ordering process, so you don’t have to worry about them.

  4. Final Fitting at least two weeks before the wedding. (Provided we were given the appropriate amount of time)

  5. Your special day is as glorious as you imagined.

  6. Don’t forget wedding gifts for the Groom, Best Man Groomsmen and Dads. We have you covered.

    Wedding Gifts For Him

Fitting Parties available for Grooms, Best Man, Groomsmen and other party members. Truly the ultimate experience and supreme convenience.

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