La Dolce Grind started as a mens shaving products company. We had a vision of creating the best shaving products men could by at a price that was affordable.

Our goals of superior products were very ambitious given the amount of different products available today. We were not deterred by any obstacles and as a result some of the finest shaving products on the market today were created.

One very important determination was made clear throughout all of our market interaction, there was a gap not being filled properly by the marketplace. Men were craving a place of distinction, not your status quo kind of store. La Dolce Grind decided to fill this void and become that place.

La Dolce Grind is the place for men craving distinction and personalization.

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We began to expand our product offerings to include, custom suits, tuxedos, and more. Our journey has been exciting and daunting, but our hard work has begun to pay off. We now have some of the finest offerings in men’s clothing and grooming. 

One of our distinct advantages is our customer service. We offer no cost private showings to give our customers the personal attention they crave and deserve. Our clothiers will come to your home and give you a personal consultation as well as show you some of our finest wares.

We also have a showroom available for our customers leisure. Our showroom is a place to be experienced.