Kitchen Collection


Gourmet Food Graters

The Gourmet Food Grater is designed to make prep work in the kitchen a breeze. The Gourmet Grater is handmade in Phoenix Arizona. The grater can be used on cheese, garlic, ginger, lemons, nutmeg, onion, chocolate and nuts. The Gourmet Grater takes the place of many kitchen items (steel grater, garlic press, grinders and small food processors). The Gourmet Grater is artistic in it’s creation. You will never misplace the grater in your utensil drawer. Designed with ease in mind, you will use the Gourmet Grater daily. The Gourmet Grater is high temp fired ceramic, which doesn’t allow foods or smells to stick to the grater. This grater will last a lifetime.

  • Handmade in AZ

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Non Stick

  • Oven Safe

  • Includes Brush and Garlic Peeler